Pricing Information

 Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change.

Fondant and extra decorations will incur additional charges.

Wedding Cake Pricing

Wedding cakes using buttercream icing start at $4.00 per serving.

This includes your choice of the popular cake flavors, two fillings, and one buttercream icing.

Fondant cakes start at $4.50 per serving with your choice of any two cake flavors and two fillings.

These prices do not include gumpaste flowers, bows, ribbons, or other intricate decorations.


Birthday and Other Specialty Cakes

-6 Inch round (Serves 6-8) - Start at $40

-8 Inch round (Serves 12-15) - Start at $50

-10 Inch round (Serves18-26) - Start at $60

-12 Inch round (Serves 30-40) - Start at $85

-9x13 (Serves 30-40) - Start at $85

-12x18 (Serves 60-70) - Start at $150

-1 dozen cupcakes - Start at $30

For questions or for pricing on other cakes e-mail me.



We also make a myriad of cookie flavors and styles that are too numerous to list. Decorative fondant covered cookies start at $3.50 per cookie with a minimum order of 12. For information send an email to: